We have developed a software-based authentication solution that uses a mobile device’s camera to capture and identify a user’s unique fingerprints. The solution allows a user to present their fingerprints (a statistically unique feature of their body) as a representation of their identity through the mobile application.


Comprehensive Instascan features include

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    No Hardware Required

    Solution extracts the biometric data from the image of fingers without requiring any additional hardware

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    Instant Enrollment

    No matter what the use case, be it opening wallets, bank accounts or proof of life for pension disbursements, Instascan can easily be integrated with any mobile application through open APIs to provide customers with an end-to-end digital experience

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    Realtime Verification

    Solution extracts biometric data and verifies the data through NADRA in real-time

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    Liveness Detection Feature

    As a part of the anti-spoofing mechanism, LDF can detect a live fingerprint through papillary movement. This way we can eliminate all fake fingerprints verification easily.


Instascan provides a unique range of benefits

  • Dashboard for Data Analytics

    The solution comes with a comprehensive dashboard that can help users track total attempts made in a day, total successful/unsuccessful sessions, average sessions per day, devices used for verification etc.

  • Cost-cutting solution

    With this solution, our customers can eliminate the hefty hardware costs of biometric devices. Institutions can also request their customers to conduct remote biometric verifications, thereby eliminating the need for the customer’s physical presence at a branch facility