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Digitt+ and Paysys Labs Partner for Advanced ACS 3DS Solution

Set to introduce an ACS 3DS solution to enhance digital payment security and user authentication in Pakistan.

Karachi, Pakistan, 5 July 2024
– Digitt+, a prominent Electronic Money Institution (EMI) in Pakistan, and Paysys Labs Pvt Ltd, a leading payment technology provider, today announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize digital payment security in Pakistan.

The collaboration aims to develop an advanced ACS 3DS solution, which will significantly improve the security and authentication of digital payments. Paysys Labs, renowned for its expertise in developing innovative payment technologies, will provide its state-of-the-art ACS 3DS services to Digitt +, ensuring enhanced security measures for online transactions.

Digitt+ and Paysys have joined forces to revolutionize the landscape of e-commerce transactions. This collaboration aims to deliver secure and frictionless payment experiences, empowering businesses and customers alike, leveraging EMV® 3-D Secure (2.0) and 3-D Secure1.0 protocols to safeguard every transaction.

Ahmed Saleemi, Chief Executive Officer, Digitt +, emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, “At Digitt+, we are committed to providing secure and reliable digital payment solutions to our customers. This partnership with Paysys Labs aligns with our mission to enhance user authentication and protect our customers from fraudulent activities. By integrating Paysys Labs ACS 3DS solution, we are setting new standards for payment security in Pakistan.”

Karim Jindani, Chief Executive Officer, Paysys Labs, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with Digitt + underscores Paysys Labs dedication to innovation and excellence in the fintech sector. We are excited to work together to enhance digital payment security in Pakistan, ultimately creating a more secure and trustworthy payment ecosystem.”

This innovative partnership aims to enhance digital payment security for customers across Pakistan. Digitt +’s customers will benefit from robust authentication processes, ensuring safe and secure online transactions powered by Paysys Labs ACS 3DS solution.

With a strong presence in the digital payments landscape, Digitt + is committed to offering cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of its customers. This partnership marks a significant step towards achieving that goal.

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About Digitt+: As an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), Digitt+ is dedicated to advancing financial inclusion in rural areas and the agricultural sector. The dynamic digital financial services company prioritizes accessibility, aiming to empower farmers and rural communities with convenient solutions. Through innovation and technology, Digitt + bridges urban-rural financial gaps, driving economic growth and prosperity. The company focuses on enhancing user experience and ensuring the highest standards of payment security.

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About Paysys Labs: Paysys Labs Pvt Ltd is a leading payment technology provider based in Pakistan. The company offers a wide range of payment solutions, committed to providing innovative and secure payment solutions to its customers.

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