OpenCMS is a Card Management System with an integrated CRM solution that enables customers to manage the issuance of debit and prepaid cards


Comprehensive Card Management System features include

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    Our Card Management System is offered as a hosted service

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    We are also a licensed TPSP of Union Pay International, which means we can offer the complete product as a package

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    Can be easily integrated with authorization systems (Core Banking Systems, CRM etc.) via APIs

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    Supports both personalized and non-personalized card requests


Open Card Management System provides a unique range of benefits

  • Card Product Management

    • Personalization – Supports both personalized and non-personalized card requests.
    • Supports several card types, including debit and prepaid cards.
    • Supports both physical and virtual cards.
    • Supports multiple card schemes, including UnionPay and PayPak.
    • Supports multiple card technologies – Magstripe, Chip, and Chip + Contactless.
    • Supports both bulk and individual issuance.

  • Card Inventory Module

    A unique feature in Open CMS, that allows users to:
    • Define card inventory – Different types of plastic will be separately classified.
    • Tag card inventory to a card product.
    • Define card distribution points.
    • Efficiently manage inventory operations in back office; features include:
    – Add inventory
    – Dispatch inventory to a distribution point
    – Recall inventory

  • User-friendly

    Comprehensive dashboard, which contains the following features:
    • Customer search – Allows the user to search, view, add, and modify customer details.
    • Card product details – Displays card product information, such as status and current limits.
    • Transaction search – Can search with parameters such as date, time, or channel, among other options.
    • Transaction summary – Contains all transactions associated with the customer, including all channels and products used.

  • Integrable

    • Can be easily integrated with authorization systems (Core Banking Systems, CRM etc.) via APIs.
    • Some of the functions with APIs include:
    – Create card: To create a virtual card.
    – Activate card: Initial activation of card from an authenticated channel.
    – Block card: Block card temporarily or permanently.
    – Link account to card: For linking of card with a new account.
    – Get card profile details: Details of card, cardholder, and any wallet/account linked to the card.