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Paysys Labs acquires VA/PT & Security Product from Securitanium for Email Phishing


Paysys Labs Private Limited is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing (VA/PT) services and a specialized Security product from Securitanium to enhance its defenses against Email Phishing attacks. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in Paysys’ commitment to fortifying its cybersecurity posture.

Ghayas, Head of Information Security at Paysys, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “The services and products provided by Securitanium will play a crucial role in bolstering our defenses against Email Phishing threats. We are confident that this partnership will further strengthen our security framework and ensure the protection of our valuable data and systems.”

Securitanium, a renowned provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, brings a wealth of expertise and innovative technologies to this partnership. Their VA/PT services and Security product are designed to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, safeguarding Paysys against evolving cyber threats.
This collaboration underscores Paysys’ unwavering commitment to prioritizing cybersecurity and staying ahead of emerging risks in the digital landscape.

By leveraging Securitanium’s advanced solutions, Paysys aims to enhance its resilience and safeguard its operations against Email Phishing attacks.

For more information about Paysys Labs Private Limited and Securitanium, please visit their respective websites.
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