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Paysys Partners with 360 Technologies to achieve PCI DSS v4.0 Compliance

Paysys, a leader in secure payment processing solutions, in partnership with 360 technologies, is proud to announce the successful attainment of the PCI DSS v4.0 compliance.

Paysys, a renowned leader in the realm of secure payment processing solutions, is delighted to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards unparalleled data security – the achievement of PCI DSS v4.0 compliance. This achievement, a collaborative effort with our esteemed partner, 360 technologies, marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to upholding the most rigorous standards of security in the payment card industry. The PCI DSS v4.0 compliance not only exemplifies our dedication to safeguarding sensitive cardholder data against the continuously evolving landscape of digital threats but also strengthens the trust our clients place in our capabilities.

The journey to achieving this compliance was marked by a comprehensive overhaul of our security protocols, systems, and policies, ensuring alignment with the global benchmarks set by the PCI DSS v4.0 standards. This involved an in-depth analysis and enhancement of our data protection measures, rigorous testing, and a company-wide commitment to maintaining and exceeding these standards. The invaluable expertise and support provided by 360 technologies were instrumental in this process, demonstrating the power of collaboration in achieving excellence in data security.

This compliance is more than a certification; it is a testament to Paysys’s unwavering commitment to data security and our proactive approach to adapting to the dynamic nature of cyber threats. We are dedicated to continuously evolving our security measures to stay ahead of potential risks, thereby offering our clients and partners the assurance that their data is in safe hands. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at 360 technologies for their partnership and to every member of Paysys who contributed to this remarkable achievement. As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to setting industry-leading standards in data protection and to continually enhancing the security and integrity of our payment processing solutions.

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